I began my exploration of photography immediately after graduating Architecture school almost 40 years ago. Initially it was a creative outlet to keep me visually active during those first years out of school drafting the designs of others. On a trip to Yosemite, in 1973, I saw my first Ansel Adams print and discovered what a true silver print could convey. Thus began my quest to make light come to life on paper. In the years since then, I have exposed thousands of negatives, read numerous books on photography and developed countless prints (many have ended in the trash can).

After 35 years of teaching myself, I decided to take a couple of workshops with John Sexton and Alan Ross. Both John and Alan generously shared their knowledge and experience and greatly advanced my printing skills. I have spent the last few years rededicating myself to the silver print and the photographs on this website have all been produced in the past 5 years from negatives both old and new.

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December 4: New series and prints are featured in the Prints section of the site. Be sure to take a look.

May 15: W. Stephen Saunders Photography launched its first website. You can now purchase prints in the Prints section of the site. Check the website often to learn about upcoming shows or new work!

April 30: Steve just returned from a show in St. Louis. Check out a picture slideshow from the show's setup and gallery opening reception by clicking on the photo below.